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Beauty And Love

Politics should have nothing to do with love.
Religion should have nothing to do with love.

Morality should have something to do with love.

Homosexuals have been fighting for their rights for the longest time
and I think they should be able to get married just as heterosexuals do
in every state.

Love is sacred and divine. It is a priceless treasure to have. And everyone
should be able to have a this priceless treasure.

If we are all given the gift to love, then let us love and accept one another.
Stop thinking of the psychology of homosexuals and stop thinking/ saying that it is a disease.
It sickens me to hear crude words towards the gay community.

I thought Christians were supposed to love.
Why are the Catholics so against Homosexuality?

Let America live up to the saying: "American's Are Equal."

Beauty and Love.
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